Funeral Flowers - There is an extensive range of Funeral Flowers and it is very much a personal choice as to how elaborate or otherwise you wish to be. We are more than happy to organise these on your behalf with our chosen florist who we work with on a regular basis, this means, when you have made your choice of flowers, you place the order with us and we liaise with the florist on your behalf. We add the cost this service to the other third party costs and pay the florist on your behalf, meaning you don't have to visit the florist unless you wish to. Friends and relatives are also welcome to order flowers through us, lots of clients wish all flowers to come from the same florist.

There is of course no obligation to have your flowers from us, if you have your own preferred florist you simply let them have the date and time of the funeral and they will contact us to organise the time we require the flowers to be delivered to the funeral home, prior to the funeral service.

Many Clients like to have words made such as MOM, NAN or perhaps Grandad, from us these are priced at £35.00 per letter. Also very popular is our range of Coffin Sprays, these start from £100.00.

As the range is extensive you can either view our catalogue whilst making the funeral arrangements or alternatively you can follow the link to our florists website and view more there by simply clicking the button below.

Florist Link