Our Services


Our Services are designed to make arranging your loved ones funeral as compassionate and understanding as possible, by giving examples of packages available, we trust you are able to determine the type of service you require for your Loved One. These packages are only our suggestion, and we can tailor make any funeral you feel your loved one would have wanted and are all priced up on our What Does A Funeral Cost webpage, however feel free to call for advice, guidance and tailored funeral price. The prices shown * represent our fees only.

As you look through our website you will see lots of different options available to you, but where do you start? We want to make arranging a funeral an easier journey, so we have set out four of the most popular choices of funeral service to help form the basis of the service you require. You will note many of our Professional Services apply to both Cremations and Burials however, as many Cemeteries have no new graves available and those that have, apply differing charges dependant on type and size of plot and what sort of headstone would be sought, it is best to discuss your requirements with us directly and we can put together a definitive price for you.

Our services are not limited to these options, if you would like to enhance these packages, or introduce something different entirely please ring or book an appointment and we can discuss any other requirements you may have. For any additional services such as order of service booklets please to go to our services section.