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Who Is Your Chosen Funeral Director – Make sure you understand who your chosen Funeral Director is, this sounds strange but many of the large Funeral Directors use old well established family names but are in actual fact large corporations trading under many different family names, this is not always immediately apparent. If like many other you wish to use an Independent Family Funeral Director check with them that they are, this is easy as you should be able to speak to a family member directly and if genuine they will of course be more than pleased to take your call.

Funeral Home -Make sure you ask where your loved one will be laid to rest prior to the funeral taking place, you often choose your funeral home on the basis your loved one will be there and not be moved until the day of the funeral. There are many requirements of a Funeral Home to meet standards set by independent assessment and to meet criteria set by the Corners Office. For peace of mind ensure the correct temperature controlled environment is available at your chosen Funeral Home, not centralised somewhere or borrowed from another Funeral Director, if in doubt ask to see it.

Carrying Out The Funeral – Make sure your Funeral Director has their own core vehicles, you naturally want to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and remove any obstacle to this, believe it or not many funeral directors don’t invest in any of their own vehicles for the core service of providing a Hearse and Limousine and are absolutely dependant on another company to supply them on the day of the funeral, this of course adds risk and in addition the driver/bearers are not working for your funeral director but for the third party providing the vehicles.

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